SportsEngine Registration: Chill SBC Soccer Club

2017-18 Player Registration


Welcome to the 2017-18 Player Registration with Chill SBC Soccer Club!

This Online Player Fees Registration will allow you to complete contact information as well as sign up for one of several payment plan options. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card information ready. Following the completion of this registration, you will see a charge on your account for the first payment of the  payment plan you choose and then the remaining payments will be processed automatically according to the payment schedule detailed in the registration.


Here are the 2017-2018 Total ANNUAL PLAYER FEES minus the $500 deposit that is required at tryouts in order to secure a roster spot ($300 for 2010 and 2008 Boys and Girls). This is a total fee that includes all benefits listed:

  • Included in the fees: all training sessions (summer, fall, winter and spring), outdoor league fees, referee fees, coaching fees, field rentals, field maintenance, player registration fees, college showcase tournament fees, futsal league fees, total soccer league fees, tournament fees based on the amount of tournaments each team participates in.  
  • Not included in fees:  travel expenses, uniform expenses.
  • All players accepting roster positions are committing to BOTH fall and spring seasons and are also accepting the total annual fees associated with that age group. High School girls and boys commit to the seasons listed below and the associated fees.
    • Birth Year 2010 Boys/Girls Blue- $300
    • Birth Year 2008 Boys/Girls Blue- $700
    • Birth Year 2007 Boys Blue-$1700
    • Birth Year 2006 Boys/Girls Blue- $1700
    • Birth Year 2006 Boys/Girls White- $1475
    • Birth Year 2005 Boys/Girls Blue-$1875
    • Birth Year 2004 Boys/Girls Blue- $1975
    • Birth Year 2004 Girls White- $1675
    • Birth Year 2003 Boys/Girls Blue FALL or SPRING- $1275
    • Birth Year 2003 Boys FALL-8thGrade Team - $500 total (no online option, but please select BLUE SPRING team option and contact Julie to make arrangements for payment of Fall Fee)
  • High School girls will play with Chill from August 2017 through early March 2018.
  • Birth Year 2003 Girls Blue - $1275
  • Birth Year 2002 Girls Blue- $1275
  • Birth Year 2000 Girls Blue- $1275
  • Birth Year 1999 Girls Blue- $1000
  • High School boys will begin Chill in January 2018, after their high school season is complete.
    • Birth Year 2003 Boys Blue-$1275
    • Birth Year 2002 Boys Blue-$1300
    • Birth Year 2001 Boys Blue- $1275
    • Birth Year 2000 Boys Blue- $1275
    • Birth Year 2000 Boys White- $1000
  • We are also offering a supplemental league for Birth Year 2003 players that cannot play high school soccer. Boys supplemental league occurs in the fall and the Girls occurs in the spring, both are $500 which is in addition to the fees for their normal season listed above.
  • Birth Year 2003 Boys WHITE SPRING TEAM - Total FEE IS $600 - April - June - 2x Weekly sessions/spring games - No online payment option, please email to arrange payment

NOTE:  This is the preferred option of the club to accept player fees.  It allows for easier budgeting and automated, regular payments.  Please keep in mind that this is one of several ways to pay annual fees, winter and summer programs and tournament fees.  All payments submitted are collected and added to Players' MASTER ACCOUNTS.

ALL MASTER PLAYER ACCOUNTS are created through Quickbooks and on file at the CHILL OFFICE -  THEY ARE NOT FOUND on  Please contact Christy for information about player accounts and outstanding balances.

Quarterly statements will be sent out in order to keep parents informed as well as to limit confusion and mistakes.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to: or 517.712.7651